Why Companies Must Focus on Voice of the Customer

Written by Brendan McMahon

May 20, 2020

A recent report on Customer Experience shows that over 77% of enterprises believe customer operations, including Voice of the Customer (VoC), will be positively affected by AI.

The study by NTT (NTT’s 2020 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report) reveals that CX strategies need to be clearly formulated, managed and delivered. The top challenge for businesses is  ease of resolution.  When it comes to Voice Solutions, having a multi-lingual approach so every customer can get access to services and information with as little friction as possible. This translates to a better customer experience. A well-defined CX strategy and clear leadership are the foundation for a truly connected, effortless CX that will create value for your customers.

Meanwhile, at VOICEii in our backyard, we continue to focus on developing our ‘Across Language Voice’ solutions as we believe clients need to have a solution that allows scalability and extensibility to cater to all languages; i.e. solving the scalability of multi-language rollout.


CX strategies need to be clearly formulated, managed and delivered. The top chaellenge for businesses is  ease of resolution.

Companies in Hospitality need to focus more on the portion of customers who do not speak the local language or risk losing out as Voice technologies become more and more common in Hotels and Entertainment and event spots. 

VOICEii Launches 'Across Language Voice' Initiative

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