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Frequently Asked Questions about Voiceii

We get asked a lot of questions so please browse our FAQ list below. If you can’t find an answer to one of your queries, drop us a line today.

What is VOICEii?

VOICEii is an Across Language Voice solution which offers realtime translation of a customer’s query in a foreign language via mobile app into the local language you use. Replies are sent back to the customer in real time. Perfect for businesses dealing with global customers who interface with staff who do not speak foreign languages. Deploys in hotels, in events, exhibitions, online financial services, healthcare tourism, sports, anywhere where global travellers and business people need foreign language support.

How do I get started with VOICEii?

We welcome any business owners who want to start a free trial with VOICEii, no matter the size. Our base service module contains over 250 common customer requests and commands. We will tailor more commands to your needs to customise for your property or event. Select your required languages. You are ready to trial on our cloud-deployment. Once you are happy with the system internally, download our Point of Sales marketing materials, and let your customers know the VOICEii App is available for Android and iPhone. Contact us for more details.

How long does it take to set up?

We have the fastest deployment times in the industry for a multi language VOICEii Assistant – courtesy of our patent pending single language NLP model which allows rapid scaling and deployment of multiple language.

What are the benefits to using VOICEii?

VOICEii offers the following benefits:  Fast deployment. Bespoke requests and language for your business. Cloud-based for optimal management. No capex costs – license fee. Scalable from 1 to multiple languages. Start small scale fast. Integration with your management system or stand-alone. Customer insights. Third-party integrations. Available on multiple devices across your business.

How many languages do you support?

Our Across Language Voice solution is designed to iterate any language you need. Practically, there is no limit. Our item to deploy is the fastest in its class. You can start small and expand quickly. 

What is VOICEi Hospitality?

VOICEii Hospitality focuses on real time multi-lingual solutions for businesses operating in Hospitality from hotels and casinos, to travel businesses involved in events and exhibition organisers, conferences, global health tourism, airports, travel hubs, and international government agencies.

Is VOICEii secure?

For the sake of clarity, we will talk about Security and Privacy here. Yes, VOICEii is secure. We use Government level encryption to ensure any personal details are secret. As for Privacy, we adhere to the Terms of Service provided by your Hotel or Event organiser. So long as you are happy with those terms, we do not make your data available to anyone outside those conditions. 

Why VOICEii not Google Talk?

 Voice Technology is growing very fast. The big tech companies have invested hugely in voice and the datasets allow newer companies to test and develop for new applications. VOICEii is razor-focused on B2B customers and we are experts at creating specific language programming and voice commands to match your business need. We also integrate with management systems and provide insights, point out revenue opportunities and help with cost savings.

Tell me about your company

VOICEi is a product and service brand belonging to Smoothweb Technologies Limited, a private company. We are based in Cyberport in Hong Kong. Find out more here: