Multilingual Voice AI

Voice is the Human Interface

Multilingual Voice Solutions For Your Brand

VOICEii’s chatbots for business combines AI and Voice technologies with patent pending knowhow and engineering excellence to bring multilingual voice assistants and solutions to multiple verticals to support your business communications. We build bespoke voice solutions which are highly scalable and can be deployed faster than other market offerings.

We Build your Enterprise Chatbot

Trust VOICEii from award-winning Smoothweb to build a chatbot and voice solution for your business.  We are based in Hong Kong with global reach.

Chatbots for Business

We work with

  • Governments
  • B2B enterprises
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • NGOs

Patented AI Technologies

We have extensive proprietary knowhow into Voice and AI. Built on our own platform, we offer speed, cost and time savings through our approach:

  • Low code – for generalists and marketers
  • Single language training model
  • Error reduction through stretch intents
  • Multilingual from day 1

Simple and Powerful

Check out multilingual Hotel Multilingual Voice chatbot created internally in-house.

  • Questions recognised in multiple formats
  • Multi-turn questions and responses.
  • Live feeds weather, time, bespoke
  • Multilingual: Any language you want

Voice AI Services

Voice AI Technologies

Patent-pending proprietary elastic stretch intents give you sophisticated dialogues and voice recognition in multiple languages.

VOICEii Technologies

VOICEii Platform

VOICEii is built from the ground up internally with integrated solutions via multiple products. VOICEii  scalable, extensive, and fast to deploy in any language.

VOICEii Products 

Solutions by Vertical

We are building out our capabilities to service multiple clients based on our conversational commerce solutions. Learn more.

VOICEii Solutions 

Featured Solutions


See how VOICEii is helping hotels guests and management connect across languages. Our English-speaking guest is staying in a hotel in Tokyo. He asks for clean towels and the response is relayed in Japanese to room service who reply in English that clean towels are on the way. 


VOICEii is helping ARGOT develop a new generation language learning business using situational language driven by the VOICEii platform


VOICEii provides the voice engine for in-car ambience providing a voice interface to access car controls safely and securely while driving. Find out how we can integrate voice into your business today.

Voice Assistant for Hotels

VOICEii lets you speak YOUR language on travel and hotel stays. Our stretch intent mapping recognises local language variants and slang. Speak naturally. Voiceii understands!.

Try VOICEii for yourself here..
– What time is breakfast?
– What time is checkout?
– There’s no hot water?

Try asking the same question a number of ways:
– Is there a bar in the hotel?
– Where is the bar?
– Can I get a drink here?
–  What floor is the bar on?

Switch to another language:
– What’s the weather today?
– Quel temps fait-il aujourd’hui?
– ¿Como esta el tiempo hoy?
– Какая сегодня погода?
–  今日の天気はどうですか?
–  今天天气如何?


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