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Multilingual Voice Solutions: Assistants For Your Brand

VOICEii combines AI and Voice technologies with patent pending know how and engineering excellence to bring multilingual voice assistants and solutions to multiple verticals to support your business communications. We build bespoke voice solutions which are highly scalable and can be deployed faster than other market offerings.

Voice Solutions by Vertical


Providing a voice interface for drivers and passengers to control the in-car environment to feel safer, more comfortable, and more secure.


Customer Service / Call Centres

Provide broader, deeper, multilingual live and on-demand chat to customers and the community with FAQ, Voice Assistant, Chatbots.


Self-access and community learning via a mobile app with AI Buddies and AI Tutors. White label voice platform offering multilingual education platform.


Financial / Compliance

Information provision for financial service products. Transcription for compliance. Listening in service for negotiations and recording of meetings.


Live betting solution for gambling with voice interface for faster access to and placement of bets. Betting for sports including football, horse racing.

Government / Not for Profit

Multilingual information services for Citizens, immigrants visitors. Efficiencies through voice applications for all Government departments (and Military)

Healthcare / Covid-19

Streamline patient care and hospital tourism. Find a clinic easily with voice search in any language, make an appointment and provide details for treatment.



Real time 24/7 service provision in multiple languages. Higher brand experience, customer satisfaction.  Lower costs of training, retaining multilingual staff..


MICE / Exhibitions

Multilingual Voice and Chatbot services at events and exhibition centres: Content dedicated to Exhibition. Chatbot for exhibition website.

Property / Facility Management

Efficient, prompt service for building, maintenance, security, and breakdowns. Voice | Chatbot Assistants offer real time 2-way communication (in-field staff / head office).


Voice interface mobile app for mall operators and retail clients. Multilingual mobile app for navigation of mall and marketing offers from mall tenants.

Sport / Fitness

Sport and fitness rely increasingly on AI for performance and training. Voice AI can improve speed, motivation and health outcomes.

Featured Voice Solutions


VOICEii provides the voice engine for in-car ambience providing a voice interface to access car controls safely and securely while driving. Find out how we can integrate voice into your business today.


VOICEii is helping ARGOT develop a new generation language learning business using situational language driven by the VOICEii platform.


See how VOICEii is helping hotels, guests and management connect across languages.

VOICEii - Multilingual Voice Solutions for Enterprise

Learn why VOICEii is the choice of smart decision-makers for Multilingual Voice AI solutions.

  • High Accuracy via Error Reduction Algorithm
  • ‘No Coding’ Development for Business
  • HyperFast Deployment
  • Start small – grow fast within your budget

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