Voice Technologies

Advanced in-house research and development to develop optimal Multilingual AI Voice technologies and solutions for enterprise.

VOICEii In-house Core Voice Technologies

Constant innovation and engineering projects to develop and fine-tune AI voice technologies for multiple multilingual solutions.

NLP for Poorly-structured Texts

Single (Natural) Language Processing Model

Multilingual Cross-language Concierge Advisory System

Third-party Automated Conversational Participation

Real-time Conversation Translation System

Meaningful Conversational Commerce delivered in multiple languages from the get go

VOICEii’s proprietary Conversational voice technologies produces real-time dialogue and conversation. Our ‘Always Learning’ systems process multiple languages via dynamic elastic search to drastically reduce error and processing time. VOICEii assesses slang, multiple alternative utterances, looking up synonyms in real-time delivering faster, more accurate results.

Multilingual Conversational AI

Our mission from the beginning is to provide access to whatever language you speak. Our single language training model gives us the flexibility and the power to add practically any required language.

Error Reduction NLU

VOICEii’s Natural Language Understanding solution is based upon our patent-pending ability to process alternative utterances at lower error rates. VOICEii requires fewer cycles to reduce intents with a dual benefit of faster response time and better accuracy.

Automatic Speech Recognition

VOICEii's Automatic Speech Recognition processing offers best-in-class 'speech to text' transcription with hyper-fast processing  resulting in improved speech recognition.

3rd Party Content Integration

VOICEii goes beyond simple call and response and dialogue flows. We integrate with third-party content providers to deliver rich media, live information sources, and domains.

Cloud/On Premise/Hybrid

Depending on your needs, VOICEii provides ‘always on’ or triggered responses. Besides cloud-delivered Voice, we can tailor systems for edge-based functionality where the internet is not available.

Invocation/Wake Words

VOICEii offers bespoke ‘Wake Words’ and triggered invocation to provide a more seamless experience. Branded invocations are another way to communicate your brand and maintain awareness during conversations and voice-based transactions.

VOICEii – No Code Required!

Our aim from the start has been to develop the VOICEii platform’s voice technologies to be accessible and easy to use. Unlike other solutions on the market, you don’t need to understand code to develop your Voice AI Solution. Watch our demo below to see how easy it is to create, edit, manage, and deploy your own voice solution.