Travel but don't speak the local language?

VOICEii – the voice assistant that lets you speak YOUR language to hotel staff and get real time information back in YOUR language.

– Download VOICEii App
– Open the App when you checkin
– Ask anything you like

Meet VOICEii

Welcome Screen

Opens VOICEii from app menu on Android, iPhone devices (English is default). Select preferred language from the dropdown menu. Click Next.

Login to Hotel

Access the Hotel Voice Assistant by scanning a QR code at reception or look for the QR code around the hotel. Some hotels provide access when you check-in.

Booking Details

When you log in VOICEii confirms your booking details and other information provided by your hotel such as room number and VIP status.

Main Screen

On the VOICEii Main Screen, ask and receive realtime answers in YOUR preferred language: Information, requests, room service, room control, weather, travel.

Invaluable for Business Travel

Hotels with VOICEii provide multilingual information on hotel services and local information. Book a meeting room and make travel arrangements.

– Large bank of requests | Commands
– Information | Troubleshooting
– Reservations | 3rd party services

Great for Tourism

Arrive in style speaking your language.
Use VOICEiii to check in seamlessly and get the latest local information on your phone
– Ask for room service
– Book a local restaurant
– Find travel information
– Change the ambience in your room

Multiple languages spoken

Whatever language you speak, VOICEii has you covered. Our single language NLP model allows us to add any language out there so you don’t have to worry about being misunderstood.

How can I get VOICEii

VOICEii is designed for Android and iOS. Free to download and free to use with regular updates so you are always in touch.

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How VOICEii works?

Speak and VOICEii answers back.
A voice and text reply comes back immediately in your language.
Your request is sent to the right hotel staff:
– No more waiting around
– No more worrying how to explain
– More enjoyable stay
– Better interaction with hotel staff.

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